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Executive Genesis Services, Inc. provides high-end services through recruitment, training, development, and hiring of quality professionals, skilled and semi-skilled workers.

ExeGen aims its thrusts in the maintenance of its hard-earned exemplary reputation that it has achieved after its inception in 1993.

To date, the company prides itself of the unwavering trust that it gets both from its employees and its clients. Such trust and confidence are being enjoyed by ExeGen through its dedication and faithfulness to the services it renders and offers. These are the strengths of ExeGen that make the company one of the top manpower service providing companies in the country.

Executive Genesis Services, Inc. believes in every person's potentials. It ensures that the workers that it recruits, trains, and employs are able to maximize their capabilities in the field they are deployed to. Thus, the company provides the necessary training and facilitates all formalities required to hasten deployment.


ExeGen shall be a driving force in the service contracting industry that roots its edge on the ideals of maximizing the potentials of quality labor force, the value of ensuring worker's welfare, and the merits of recognizing every individual's societal responsibilities while doing its part in fostering progress and national development.


ExeGen aims to be the leading service provider in the country and a business entity that respects the rights of all persons, uplifts social responsiveness, and honors the true and living God.


In the relentless pursuit for our vision through our mission statement, we are steered and directed by the following objectives:

  1. To Honor God in Everything We Do

  2. To Develop People

  3. To Pursue Excellence

  4. To Grow Profitably

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